Fitness fanatics frustrated by crowds at SAIT gym

SAIT gym regulars are frustrated with the number of students crowding up to get in shape this new semester.

The SAIT fitness centre is located in the Wellness Centre, situated in the basement of the Campus Centre on campus.

Students and alumni who frequent the fitness centre have noticed an increase in the number of people that have been showing up after new year’s.

Second-year business student Travis Adams says he is frustrated with the constant rush in the gym, but is confident it won’t be long before things are back to normal.

“This isn’t exclusive to just SAIT, It’s just about every gym anywhere just after new years,” he said.

“If it’s like any other year, it won’t last very far into February.”

Adams has grown accustomed to seeing this kind of influx every year since he started working out regularly, and blames marketing campaigns that encourage people to get back in shape.

“Hitting the gym isn’t for everyone, so when people are forced into doing something they aren’t passionate about, it’s pretty inconvenient for those of us who are,” explained Adams.

Fellow SAIT gym regulars agree the situation causes inconvenience, but blame the problem partly on the size of the SAIT gym.

AIT business student Saad Raaja explained that the SAIT gym is always a bit crowded no matter what time of the school year it is.

“It’s a great gym with great people, but with the number of people that go to school here, the gym just isn’t big enough for all of us,” said Raaja.

He added that even though it’s the new year, SAIT students have to look at the time of the day to tell how busy the gym is going to be.

“The mornings are usually pretty dead, and different time periods throughout the day aren’t very busy,” he said.

Raaja urged students to avoid the rush by not going around noon and 4 p.m., which in his opinion is the busiest times.

“Those are the times that you have to try and avoid, just because those are the times that are the most convenient for students,” he explained.

If it’s like any other year, it won’t last very far into February – Travis Adams.

“When you’re trying something new, you’re going to do what’s most convenient,” he explained.

Second-year student Ralph Ubaldo is also user of the gym who has been affected by new semester’s rush, but like the others he hopes things will be back to normal before long.

“It’s been a bit frustrating because my workouts go a lot longer than they used too, but I’m sure it won’t last very long,” said Ubaldo.


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