Springbank holds its 31st annual Christmas Market craft sale

The community of Springbank hosted its 31st annual Christmas Market arts and crafts sale, which featured a variety of vendors selling their unique handcrafted items.

The sale, which took place Nov. 1-2 in the Springbank Community High School, had a total of 48 vendors offering their homemade arts and crafts.

“Vendors have been carefully chosen to add the most variety and highest quality products, colour, and interest to this sale,” said Yvonne Bamlett, one of the organizers for the event. Admission was free.

“We would rather have people spend their money on the arts and crafts instead of spending it on getting into the event,” Bamlett said.

The merchandise offered something for almost everyone, and varied from organic gift baskets to clay pottery fossil imprints.

Mary Morris, 27, ran a booth that sold mittens made from wool sweaters, purses made from suit jackets, crayon keepers, fabric bowls, card wallets and headphone cases.

“All the fabric used is from sweaters or jackets found at good-will stores,” said Morris.

Morris finds the sweaters, cleans them, cuts them into the right shape, sews a thick lining into them to make sure they are warm, and finishes them up.

“It’s a fun hobby, and I like that I can give someone something that is so unique,” she said.

The people that attended on the first day of the event also were entertained by The Alberta Gold Chorus of Sweet Adelines International, an a-capella vocal group.

Although the sale was open to all vendors, most were from the Springbank community.

“Even though we live in the country, it’s important to be a part of the community. That’s why so many people from Springbank sign up,” said Bamlett.

We would rather have people spend their money on the arts and crafts instead of spending it on getting into the event – Yvonne Bamlett

Since there are only so many spots for vendors there is already a waiting list for the 2015 show, which is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 7 and 8, 2015.

Vendors meet in August to start preparing for the craft show, and then a few more times before the show takes place.

“It is great that we already have a full vendor list for next year,” said Bamlett.

“It shows that the Market Sale encourages the development of arts and crafts within the Springbank community and school.”

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