SAIT to usher in centennial with new logo

SAIT Polytechnic will unveil a new logo next year as the school celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The new brand is part of a strategic plan that was launched last year. The last branding effort was in 1998.

“It fits nicely with the fact that when we will be launching (the new brand) it will also be our centennial,” SAIT Marketing Director Carol Rogalski said.

“That’s a little bit of a coincidence, but it’s a pretty happy coincidence. We’re going with a new direction with an aspiration vision of being global leaders in applied learning.”

While research into the new brand is still ongoing, SAIT has already conducted a variety of different surveys, interviews and focus groups. “SAITNEXT” boards were placed in different campus buildings up to Oct. 8, asking students to write down what SAIT means in one word.

When students come in September 2016, they’re coming into a refreshed look and feel – Carol Rogalski, SAIT marketing director

The total cost of this project is currently unknown. “A lot of our costs are associated with a logo,” Rogalski said.

Trajectory, a branding agency based in Toronto, is the only outside partner that SAIT is working with, Rogalski said.

“The reason that we’re planning the timing the way we are is so that we can replace things in a natural course of business, impacting the budget in the least way,” Trajectory Vice-President Jeanette Hanna said.

“We love working with educational institutions. SAIT is a leader in it’s field. It’s really a privilege to work with you guys.”

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As a writing and communications major in the journalism program at SAIT, Tatiana Ramirez worked as a reporter for The Press during the 2015-16 academic year.

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