SAIT student sees slumping economy as ‘competitive’

With graduation approaching, mature student Alex Dimopoulos feels confident in his ability to find work after school is over – even though he is quite aware that his job prospects will be affected by the economic downturn.

“There is a competitive market, but that makes for a better employee,” said Dimopoulos, who is in his fourth and final semester in business administration as a supply chain management major at SAIT Polytechnic.

He credits his course with helping him understand how larger businesses are run.

“I knew how to run a small business,” he said. “With SAIT’s program, I was able to take my knowledge to the next level.”

Dimopoulos had previous experience when he was younger running his family’s restaurant, AC’s Restaurant and Lounge in Cochrane.

The 25-year-old said he feels confident that he will get a job based on his past experience, and with his job interview skills.

His classmate Charles Ivan Berdin said that most of his friends in his class are choosing to stay in SAIT and go for their degree right after they finish their two-year diploma, rather than seeking full-time employment after graduation.

“Staying in school gives them an advantage when the economy starts to pick up,” he said.

He also is confident in the skills he has gained through SAIT and is hoping to get a job on the logistics side of supply chain management, he said.

Although he is a mature student, Dimopoulos said he did not feel comfortable at SAIT at first in regards to the social aspect of school, but he quickly changed his mind.

“[I] realized in the first week that SAIT has awesome people,” he said. “[SAIT] is comfortable for mature students and it is more of a guided learning experience, which I like. We represent a mix between book smart and working with your hands.”

He has completed a course from SAIT before, having received his red seal in the cooking program in 2012.

“What I enjoyed about the cooking program is the exposure to world-class chefs and instructors,” Dimopoulos said. “Working for family, you learn different aspects of the industry than what a seasoned chef at SAIT could give you.”

We represent a mix between book smart and working with your hands. – Alex Dimopoulos

Dimopoulos chose to return to SAIT for business so he could find a job with good benefits that was also in the food industry.

He was looking for a new challenge that would allow him to use his previous cooking experience and hopes to land a procurement job in the supply side of the restaurant industry after graduation, he said.

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