Residence gears up to celebrate SAIT 100

SAIT’s centennial birthday on Oct. 16, was a time for residents and off-campus students alike to come together and celebrate the institute’s history.

Residence community assistants (CAs) Anisa Abbas, Allison Brown, Abigail Kube, as well as staff at SAIT rez have been working hard to get Begin Tower and East Hall residents involved in the celebrations.

“We are trying to push people to volunteer their time since there are so many events going on,” said Brown, prior to the big day.

“We don’t have an exact number of events going on just yet, because some still need to be approved. We should have an official number soon.”

The CAs want residents to take part in the scheduled campus-wide events for SAIT’s birthday. According to Abbas,  SAIT100 is about building a sense of community throughout the student body, not only the residents.

The SAIT Trojans women’s hockey team will kick off the celebrations on Oct. 14, when they play against the NAIT Ooks.

Residents and SAIT students in general will be able to attend the game with free tickets.

All they need to do is contact Kube by email, or sign up in the Begin Tower lobby. This is an open event thanks to a collaboration with SAITSA and the SAIT Trojans.

“It will be a great way to make friends and acquaintances with people from off-campus. The tickets will be under my name, and people that have signed up will be able to get in for free,” Kube said.

Abbas explained that CAs come up with ideas for activities, and if they need assistance to implement them, they communicate with the management team in residence. The events are announced closer to the date.

“There is a very strong school spirit here at SAIT, so once we get the ball rolling for October, it will be really easy to advertise events through word-of-mouth,” said Kube.

SAIT’s birthday included fireworks at the end of the celebration. The CAs are discussing walking over with residents, or going up to the 22nd floor of the Begin Tower to watch them.

Many CAs have their own Facebook pages to let their residents know what kinds of activities are being planned. In addition, they also put up posters around the buildings to inform students of what’s new.

We are trying to push people to volunteer their time since there are so many events going on. – Allison Brown

“We do send out a monthly schedule from residence services about events taking place during the month. There is a calendar in the Begin Tower lobby elevator bay that outlines when and where events are taking place in the next couple of weeks,” said Brown.

“Those should be updated near the beginning of October to include SAIT 100.”

The CAs agreed that students haven’t been showing any signs of excitement for SAIT100 as of yet, but assistants are certain anticipation will increase once October begins.

“A lot of the residents here, myself included, are not first-generation SAIT students,” said Brown.

“There are people here who have second- and third-generation ties to the institution, so for them to get to celebrate such an important milestone for SAIT is exciting.”


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