City Centre Byelection

All the major federal parties are preparing for what could be one of the closest byelection races in the history of Calgary Centre.

The Conservative Party, the Liberals and the Green Party have found their candidates for the race, which must be called by Prime Minister Stephen Harper by early December.

The New Democratic Party has yet to decide on a candidate.

So far, the byelection is shaping up a battle of former journalists.

The Tories nominated Joan Crockatt, former managing editor of the Calgary Herald and occasional commentator for the Sun Network, in August.

The Green Party has picked Chris Turner, a journalist and writer of the best seller Planet Simpson.

On Sept. 22, the Liberals nominated Harvey Locke, ex-president of the party and a lawyer.

The NDP have yet to schedule their nomination meeting although a potential nominee who has shown interest in the position is Brian Malkinson, a technician at Calgary Diesel Heavy Equipment Supply.

Thomas Mulclair, leader of the NDP, and Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, have already indicated that they will invest a great amount of energy and money from the national branches to ensure a victory in the riding, left by Conservative MP Lee Richardson at the end of May.

Richardson resigned his post to work as the principal secretary to Alberta Premier Alison Redford.

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