Artist confines himself to a plexiglass box

Display windows, everywhere on Stephen Avenue, take on new meaning with local artist Daniel J. Kirk, who locked himself inside a plexiglass box for five days on the popular downtown shopping street.

Kirk’s lock-down began on Oct. 1, and ended Friday, Oct. 5, when he auctioned off the glass panels he’s painted. Kirk had no food in the box, living solely on water. He had only a sleeping bag, and art supplies.

Wayne Garrett, a friend of Kirk, was able to answer questions on the artist’s behalf during the week.

“I’m just checking in to see if he’s still alive,” laughed Garrett.

“This is the third project of this kind, but it’s never been in such a public way.  The first one he did was in a shed on a friend’s property, and the second one was in a cave in Turkey. Both of those were only three days.”

Kirk said he enjoys how the project is done in a public eye.

“People who are down here every day can see the image progress. I also like that you see the back-layer of the painting, which is never really the finished image until you look at it from the other side,” said Garrett.

“And I kind of like that it’s reminiscent of a zoo exhibit – you know, here’s an artist on display but in captivity!”

Kirk’s project was supported by the Calgary Downtown Association. Check out Kirk’s website for more information about his work.

Wayne Garrett, friend of artist Daniel J. Kirk, checks in to see how Kirk is doing in his temporary plexiglass home on Stephen Avenue—CASEY KNOLL, The Press
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