Trojan’s Cross Country Spotlight

Often overlooked as a popular campus sport at SAIT, the men’s and women’s cross country teams are running laps around their Alberta College Athletic Conference (ACAC) competition this year.

After a strong showing at the exhibition grand prix event hosted by Augustana University College of Camrose, Alta. on Saturday, Sept. 29th, the Trojan’s cross country teams are well into a very promising season.

Each team placed third overall in Camrose and had especially solid performances from Lisa Giles, placing fourth in the women’s 5k event, and Kenton Sportak who was fifth in the men’s 8K event.

After a year that saw the women’s team finish third overall with a Bronze medal and the men’s team missing the podium, the Trojan’s cross country teams is looking forward to improving this year.

“So far the season has been great,” says head coach Jamie Grant.

“We have a great group and an excellent team atmosphere.”

With numerous returning faces on the men’s team and two on the women’s team, cross country at SAIT is boasting more experience than it has in recent years, not to mention most of its ACAC competition.

“It’s nice to have that experience for the new people, especially if they are new to competitive running,” says Grant.

To keep the runners in the best shape they can be, the team practices four days a week year round, with indoor track training during the winter months and both trail and road running in the summer.

The tough training regime seems to be paying dividends as Grant feels the men’s and women’s teams could both place within the top three this year.

“We have the best guy’s team since I’ve started coaching. If things go well we could get gold,” says Grant.

“We have just recently had our full girls’ team with a great result, I’m thinking top 3 again (and) if things go well, a possible 2nd,”

Almost halfway through the season, the Trojan’s runners are looking forward to the ACAC championships which will also be hosted by Augustana Oct. 27th.

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Trojans Cross Country runner Lisa Giles warms up with a light jog before practice on Thursday, October 18, 2012. (STACY WONG, The Press)
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