Market Collective

On the weekend of Oct. 20-21, Market Collective renewed its efforts to bring together Calgarians through a common love for local art.

Market Collective showcased the work of artists, artisans and musicians at the Ant Hill Building in Kensington at 148 10th St N.W.

“MC [Market Collective] provides a space for people to come together and be creative,” Market Collective co-founder Angel Guerra said in an email interview prior to the show.

Guerra and co-founder Angela Dione started Market Collective back in June, 2008.

Guerra explained that the two had only just met at that time and after realizing they agreed on some key issues, decided to put together their first event.

“We both believe in community and community engagement through the arts,” said Guerra.

“The first one went really well, and we continued going with it and now we are almost five years in.”

According to its website, Market Collective’s popularity among Calgarians has grown since its launch and now draws thousands of people to each event.

“It’s amazing what a lot of hard work and passion coupled with an amazing city can produce,” said Guerra.

Before each event, Market Collective opens registration for artists, artisans and musicians.

Guerra and Dione then decide what will be showcased, ensuring a wide range of art will be displayed to create an event with the potential to appeal to all demographics.

“We get everyone from infants to seniors and everything in between,” said Guerra.

Featured in last month’s event were artist Van Charles, selling his latest work, and the musician WOULG.

With live DJ’s, the work of 50 artists, six organizations and non-profit groups and a photo booth, the event was expected to attract around 2,500 for the weekend.

Instead of upholding regular admission, Market Collective gives attendees the option of making a food bank donation instead of paying a $3 per person admission fee.

“We love giving back to the community, and this was one way that we felt that we could encourage people to actively engage in it!”

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