Caffeinated candy bars generating a buzz

Caffeine-packed chocolate bars are adding a jolt of innovation to the candy-covered shelves of Freak Lunchbox.

The well-stocked candy store on 17th Avenue S.W. received its first shipment of 16 cases, or 192 individual bars, of Awake Chocolates from Mississauga, Ont. on Oct. 16.

According to the company’s Facebook page, at 44 grams, each milk chocolate Awake bar packs a caffeinated punch of 101 mg, which could normally be found in a typical cup of coffee or a standard 250 ml energy drink.

Of the candy’s debut, Freak Lunchbox store manager Tara Flemming said that after just one day of sales, reviews and customer feedback were great for the buzz-worthy bars , which she described as, “a really great, solid milk chocolate with nothing crazy inside it.”

Despite its lack of unusual fillings, the sugary treats reportedly provide a noticeable and eye-opening kick of caffeine.

“I don’t drink coffee, but I definitely felt the caffeine when I tried one,” Flemming said of the store’s new sugary inventory.

“But it’s great, because who doesn’t want their chocolate to have caffeine in it? It’s way better than drinking a cup of coffee, I think.”

While the store has previously sold other caffeine-laced edibles such as jelly beans, the Awake chocolate is a first for the popular candy emporium.

Though the product is still fairly new to all of Freak Lunchbox’s locations, Flemming suspects that the new item will be a hit with many Canadians, especially students.

Anticipating the introduction of the candies as a mainstay for the store, she doubts that the confection will fall to the wayside as a seasonal sugar-fix.

“Tiredness isn’t a seasonal problem, so we’ll probably keep these around. Everyone’s looking for more energy and zip in their step, so I think these will appeal to everyone.”

With the candy’s universal appeal, however, may come unexpected complications with younger customers interested in purchasing the caffeine-laden product. Health Canada advises that children between the ages 10 and 12 limit their caffeine intake to 85 mg. per day, meaning that Freak Lunchbox’s younger customers may have to watch their portions when indulging in the store’s sweets du jour.

However, Flemming said that she and her staff will place the onus on the customers themselves since “it’s not like these  are a restricted item.”

“If we see a younger customer, we will warn them that this is a caffeinated product. But the way I see it is if customers are old enough to be shopping by themselves, they’re old enough to make their own decisions. It’s not like we’re going to ID them.”

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