Pages Books hosts an evening full of launches

Three Canadian authors gathered on Oct. 11 at Pages Books in Kensington for an evening of  book launches.

Authors, writers, and poets Monica Kidd, Garry Morse and Catherine Owen participated in the event, reading excerpts of their latest works.

“Handfuls of Bone takes the reader to the end of the road and back, to outports both literal and figurative, to consider how it is that things somehow hold together,” Kidd said as she summarized her latest literary work, Handfuls of Bone.

Kidd is a writer and poet born and raised on the rural Alberta prairies.

Beatrice and The Momentum of Red, Any Other Woman: An Uncommon Biography, and Actualities are just a few of her published works.

She has also won numerous awards for her documentary and news items produced during her time working for CBC radio.

During the evening, Morse read an excerpt from his sixth novel Minor Episodes/Major Ruckus published by Talonbooks, a Canadian publishing company based in Vancouver.

“Minor Episodes follows the serial adventures of Minor, the omnipresent everymogul who symbolizes the economic one per cent and keeps musically erotic quixotics on tap,” Morse said as he described the first half of his experimental novel.

Morse has been a finalist for the Governor General’s Award for Poetry as well as for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize.

Both his poetry and literary work has been featured in numerous publications including Canadian Literature, Branch Magazine, The Capilano Review, CV2, dANDelion, EVENT Magazine and West Coast Line.

Reciting a few poems from her latest book of poetry, Trobairitz, Owen was the third and final speaker for the evening.

Owen is an Edmonton based poet who has had her work published in both national and international journals such as Poetry Salzburg and Queen’s Quarterly.

She has a total of nine published works. Her first book, Somatic: The Life and Work of Egon Schiele, was nominated for the Gerald Lampert Award.

Each month Pages Books hosts Flywheel presentations on the second Thursday of the month.

The event is held in the evening, on the second floor of Pages, which is on Kensington Road N.W., west of 10A Street. The focus of the event is to gather local poetry and fiction lovers in one venue.

Calgarian Raw Salvage manages a website where he uploads podcasts from numerous spoken word events throughout Calgary.  You can listen to previous Flywheel presentations on his website here.

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