Star rising: Local DJ Travis Lydiatt on track to make it big in music biz

If you haven’t heard the name Travis Lydiatt before, remember it, because the local DJ and producer is on track to become a household name in music.

Lydiatt’s passion for music and mixing led him to begin his career as a DJ and producer.

He began making and recording mixes three years ago for fun and to showcase new music to his friends.

A year later Lydiatt was producing his own tracks.

And now the Calgary DJ and producer has just finished collaborations with electronic dance music production trio, Epicfail and Nessakay.

Lydiatt describes his sound as “strong electro [with a] house background.”

He said he gets his inspiration from a variety of artists including, Denzal Park, Yves V, and Jacob Van Hage.

“I love their sounds, and I think they’re very unique in the electronic scene,” he said.

Before getting into electronic music, Lydiatt listened to hip hop music. He said his interest in hip hop has been helpful to his electronic music career.

“I found that taking the techniques from hip hop and using them when I got into electronic music really helped with beat matching,” he said.

Lydiatt prefers making long mixes or sets that are about an hour in length.

He said he likes to capture the atmosphere of live shows in his mixes.

“Listening to a live set that has been recorded from somewhere across the world that makes you feel like you’re right there at their show is awesome,” he said.

Lydiatt feels just as comfortable on stage as he does in the studio.

“I love being in front of people and making people dance. When I’m in the studio working on new material I find myself picturing how it would sound live and being played on stage,” Lydiatt said.

The DJ and producer said his favourite show that he’s played was his live debut.

Lydiatt was in a duo at the time with his friend Jack Connelly. They went by the name nineteen90.

The duo played at a venue called Boomtown for a New Year’s party.

“The reason why it’s my favorite show is because we literally had all of our friends there having an awesome time, and the feeling that we got from the crowd was insane,” said Lydiatt.

You can listen to Lydiatt’s music on online music stores including iTunes and Beatport.

Lydiatt was slated to open for Egyptian duo, Aly and Fila at TEN Nightclub on Nov. 2nd.

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