SAIT’S Annual Transfer Options Fair

On Thursday, Nov.15, SAIT held its’ fourth annual transfer options fair in the Stan Grad Atrium for students interested in completing degrees after graduating from SAIT.

Representatives from 38 universities from across Canada, the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand were on hand to speak with students about degree opportunities.

SAIT student services hosts the fair bi-annually in the fall and winter of each academic year.

The fair is an excellent opportunity for students to discover the myriad ways SAIT diplomas can be used towards a degree.

Transfer options are also available for certificate, applied degree, and apprentice graduates.

“The whole idea of negotiating these agreements is so that students don’t have to repeat work,” said Karen McDaniel, articulation co-ordinator at SAIT.

The agreements are called two plus two.

With the agreement, students are able to receive a four-year university degree by completing a two-year diploma at SAIT and then studying for an additional two years at a university.

SAIT’s graduate employment surveys state that 20 per cent of SAIT graduates go on to university.

“We have a really strong commitment to lifelong learning,” said McDaniel.

“We do an excellent job of preparing and training our students for the work force. Universities give them the theory that matches with the practicum, and you get the best employee ever,” McDaniel added.

The fair has grown steadily each year. This year McDaniel was expecting a record number of visitors.

The first transfer options fair, held four years ago, had between 200 and 300 visitors.

This year around 600 – 800 visitors were expected, said McDaniel.

SAIT has transfer agreements with almost 70 institutions, they attend SAIT’s career fair at their own expense.

For more information, McDaniel recommends students visit the SAIT transfer options website.

“We make it really easy where you can search by program or institution,” McDaniel said.

“We get over 7000 hits a month. We’re very pleased with it and work very hard to keep it up to date,” she added.

The fair also has a Facebook page as well as a Twitter feed.

Additionally, SAIT will be sending out emails to students that will include more details about the institutions attending the fair.

The transfer options fair is free of cost and welcomes anybody to walk in and talk with representatives.

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