World Series of Beer Pong at the Roadhouse

The Roadhouse Nightclub will be sending one lucky pair to the seventh annual World Series of beer pong in Las Vegas Jan. 1-5.

Each Thursday night in November, competitors have been battling it out for their chance to win airfare, a four night stay at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino where the event is held, and the entry fee into the tournament where they will have a chance to win $50 000.

Natalie Godard, office manager at The Roadhouse has been really happy with the turnout.

“We just wanted to run a fun event, something different for the guys to do on Thursdays, which is our ladies night,” said Godard.

Although The Roadhouse is prohibited from allowing contestants to play with beer, and fills the cups with water instead, the World Series will be full-fledged ‘beer’ pong.

Pair Andy Black and Daniel Coakley of Calgary don’t mind the absence of beer in their cups.

“We’re not playing to get hammered,” Black said. “I don’t really drink much anyways, the game is just fun.”

Black and Coakley are really excited about their shot at playing in Vegas.

“I think we can win,” said Black during a game break on the second round Nov. 8th. “I really like our chances.”

Coakley completely agrees with him.

“It would be sweet. Even if we didn’t do so well in Vegas the experience would be unforgettable,” he said.

Once in Vegas, each team from around the world is guaranteed 12 games, and can then advance into the final rounds where they will play for the $50 000 grand prize.

The final games in the preliminary round at The Roadhouse will be played Thursday Nov. 29th at 8 p.m., where the winners will be crowned and await their trip to Vegas in January.

For more information on the World Series of Beer Pong, head over to their site.

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