Poppy Plaza not ready for Remembrance Day

Poppy Plaza, the seemingly permanent construction area on Memorial Drive and 10 Street N.W., will be completed by the end of 2012, said Alderman Druh Farrell.

Two years behind schedule, the $9 million project wasn’t ready for Remembrance Day ceremonies, but should be done in time for the annual D-Day memorial ceremony next June 6.

“It’s a very precise project that required a huge amount of skill,” Farrell said in a recent interview with the Calgary Sun.

“The steelwork is very difficult and we were having problems with the contractor so we had to shut the project down for a period of time going through some legal issues.”

The issues have allegedly been “dealt with” and construction workers can currently be spotted working on the wooden platform and steelwork.

The steelwork is supposed to become a beautiful memorial, with etchings of letters and poems written by soldiers from the Second World War.

For more information, please see their website, Poppy Plaza.

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