Nanowrimo Hits Calgary

All through November, writers throughout Calgary picked up their note pads and flocked to their computers to write every day for the annual National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo).

The goal of the event is to write for 30 days straight and have a 50,000 word novel completed by the end of November.

“I participate in Nanowrimo every year,” said Brae Sullivan, local Calgarian and avid writer.

In 2011 Nanowrimo had a whopping total of 256, 618 participants, 36,843 of which crossed the 50k mark by the deadline.

The city of Calgary has their own demographic of Nanowrimo participants most of which actively refer to the Nano Calgary website constructed for residents of Calgary and the surrounding area.

On the Nano Calgary website Calgarian Nanowrimo participants call themselves Wrimotaurs leaded by the two municipal liaisons Xanateria and Naiya Azurewater, both of which have participated in Nanowrimo for an average of seven years.

Xanateria and Azurewater hosted three main Nanowrimo events during the span of November, The Kick Off, Midway, and TGIO bash.  These events often take place in local restaurants.

Some other events hosted by the municipal liaisons included in person write-ins and chat room write-ins.

Nanowrimo was started by freelance writer Chris Baty in July, 1999 with 21 participants in the area of San Francisco Bay.

It was then moved to November in 2000 and launched an official website which was created by one of Baty’s friends.

In 2000 Nanowrimo had a total of 140 participants and by 2010 the participant number grew to over 200,000 participants due to public endorsement and media attention from National Public Radio and CBS Evening News.

The Nanowrimo team also began the Municipal Liaison program in which people from all over the globe would act as leading individuals who provide local support and events in relation to Nanowrimo.

Presently individuals can still volunteer for a municipal liaison position for their local area on the Nanowrimo official website.

You can find more information on volunteering as a municipal liaison on the Nanowrimo website here.

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