Bridgeland residents seek interest for farmers’ market

Bridgeland residents have been meeting to discuss the possibility of opening a farmers’ market in the area.

A committee of resident volunteers set up an open meeting at the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Centre on Nov. 19.

“We had an initial meeting of about six residents who shared the idea of the farmers’ market in the area,” said Erin McFarlane, a local resident who is part of the committee that organized the meeting.

The same group met with co-ordinators of the Hillhurst/Sunnyside and Calgary Northeast farmers’ markets in order to get some ideas.

A group of 15 residents came to the meeting, along with Christine Bennett, a community worker from the Community and Neighborhood Services unit of the City of Calgary.

“By no means are we making any decisions tonight. This is simply a visioning meeting to see where we could set it up, or who we need to talk to and how do we get them into the conversation,” said McFarlane.

One of the issues discussed was why residents would want a farmers’ market in Bridgeland, and most agreed that it would attract a lot more traffic into the area.

“It’s not a natural corridor for people to come into and frequent,” said Courtney Hare, another resident volunteer on the committee. “This is a reason to draw people in.”

Another idea was that the farmers’ market would be a place for residents to meet one another.

“It’s a ‘play and stay’ space for people to connect with each other and interact and talk about that fabulous baguette or something like that,” she said.

The groups also discussed what kind of vendors they would like to have, if the idea takes off.

“A common theme was reflecting the diversity in this community, looking into affordability and representing the ethnic foods in the community,” said Helen Wong, another resident and committee member.

The meeting also aimed to get more people involved with the project and to take on some of the work putting the ideas together into a working plan.

“We’ve got a small group and it’s going well so far,” said McFarlane.

“But if we do end up going in the direction of a farmers’ market it’s going to take more people committed to moving that vision forward.”

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