Thomas Mulcair: Tapping into Eastern markets a“win-win-win” opportunity for oil producers

Federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair answers questions from reporters at a Press Conference in Calgary.
File Photo by DANIEL LEON RODRIGUEZ, The Press


A recent International Energy Agency (IEA) report on the global energy outlook is a “good incentive” for Canada to “start tapping” into Eastern markets where oil producers and producing provinces “could be doing a lot better,” the federal Opposition Leader says.

Thomas Mulcair, the leader of the NDP who was in Calgary Nov. 13, said the report shows that the Canadian oil industry needs to concentrate on finding new markets both inside and outside the country.

“I think Canadian oil should be exported to as many markets as possible at the best price we can,” said Mulcair at an NDP campaign rally for the Calgary Centre byelection.

Many companies thought that the  U.S. was an “unlimited market,” but “Americans are not going to be importing as much as we thought,” said Mulcair.

Oil producers “are getting a much lower price for their oil (in the U.S.) than what we are paying in the East.”

Mulcair said the “smartest thing” to do is to move the oil from the west to east, taking care of Canada’s own energy security “before doing anything else.

“It is an obligation of any federal government take care of Canada energy security for the future.”

The energy outlook report predicted that, thanks to recent domestic oil and gas discoveries, the U.S. will become self-sufficient in energy resources within five years.

If that prediction proves to be correct, it would mean Canada would no longer be able to sell significant amounts of oil to the U.S., meaning that new markets would have to be found for the output of the Alberta oil sands.

Mulcair said that he supported trade with Asia, but that the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline across northern B.C. is a “non-starter.”

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