Jason Kenney: “Remembrance Day does not glorify war”

Calgarians, including many war veterans, were reminded of the reason for Remembrance Day at a ceremony Nov. 11 at the Military Museums of Calgary.

“To be here is to renew a pledge of our shared love of our country, and to affirm that freedom is never free,” Jason Kenney, the federal minister of immigration, said in a speech at the memorial service at the museums, on Crowchild Trail S.W.

Kenney said that there are some who misunderstand the meaning of Remembrance Day.

At a Remembrance Day Service at the Calgary Military Museum November 11, hundreds of Calgarians gathered to pay tribute to the thousands of men and women who lost their lives during times of war,



















“It is not for war that we gather here, but to remember the brave fallen,” Kenney told the hundreds of people who attended the ceremony on a chilly morning.

“Our soldiers remain among Canada’s bravest, finest, and most selfless people,” Alberta Premier Alison Redford said in her remarks.

“They deserve our thanks, respect and above all our remembrance.”

Redford said that our soldiers are living reminders of an illustrious Canadian military tradition that has “extended from the shores of Normandy, to the banks of Somalia, through Cyprus and the Balkans, to the deserts of Kandahar.”

Our soldiers are ready to lay down their lives for peace, justice and freedom, but also to help wounds heal and scars fade, said Redford.

“It make me feel humble, and extremely proud of the country,” said Captain Larry Cashman about the service.

Cashman served for 32 years as a peace keeper in the Middle East.

He said that it was great to see the government speakers acknowledging the Canadians who have served in such missions.

“Canada wouldn’t have the freedom that we have without the soldiers,” said Cashman.

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