Rosebud is one of the 25 most innovative businesses in Alberta

The Rosebud Centre of the Arts has been chosen one of Alberta’s 25 most innovative organizations.
Alberta Venture (AV) has honoured the arts company in its November issue, alongside a list of resource companies, building firms and health concerns.
AV claims that if it “wasn’t for its school, the tiny town of Rosebud might not exist” and with an approximate 40,000 visitors per year, the community has grown into a bustling area.
“We were surprised to even receive the nomination from Alberta Venture,” said Adam Furfaro, the executive director of the Rosebud Centre for the Arts.
Part of the shock came since no one knew that the organization had even been nominated for the award.
“We did a little investigation, and we weren’t nominated by anybody, and we didn’t put ourselves forward. It was Alberta Venture who came up the list themselves with some brainstorming,” said Furfaro.
He believes that the magazine sought the organization out because Rosebud is a unique community that “has found a way to exist” when many people probably thought it would have failed.
“If you put a business model together, the business model probably wouldn’t reflect [the success of the organization],” said Furfaro.
High school educator LaVerne Erickson founded the Rosebud Theatre almost 40 years ago in 1973 as a summer camp for kids and they began putting on plays.
“I know it’s been a struggle to try and operate a business in rural Canada, and you have to have a good business model to make it work,” Erickson said, acknowledging that he was “surprised” by the nomination as well.
Erickson said the nomination will help with getting “recognition with other businesses” and “campaigning the cause of rural businesses.”
“This place kind of keeps re-inventing itself and adding on more and more and attracting people from more and more places,” said Furfaro.
Rosebud will be introducing four opera house plays in 2013 along with an upcoming Christmas play, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play,’ running from Nov. 1-Dec. 22.
They are also introducing a new series entitled “Rosebud Presents” which features theatrical performances, concerts and improvisation.
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