Calgary hosts new street frostival

Calgary is known for it’s cold winters, but Downtown Calgary and Market Collective decided to celebrate the snow with a Street Frostival on Nov. 17.

In conjunction with Light and Soul, the festival was hosted on Stephen Avenue and featured live dancers, mural paintings and a DJ.

About 200-250 crowded on the 100 east block of Stephen Avenue as they enjoyed the entertainment provided by dancers, painters, and several graffiti artists.

“It’s a good excuse to get out of the house this winter,” said Jeremy Schultz.

Families enjoyed hot coffee, tea and marshmallows while they sat around the fire pits.

“It’s very family friendly,” said Maria Lim.

“The kids definitely enjoy it,” she said.

Dozens of kiosk stands lined Stephen Avenue selling arts, crafts, treats and other merchandises while music filled the frosty air.

Graffiti artists Daniel Kirk and Cody Thompson engaged in live mural paintings on several cars as several people watched.

The inaugural Frostival is one of several winter festivals in Calgary this year, and Market Collective co-founder Angel Guerra wants to make it a yearly event.

“Everyone who came enjoyed it, so hopefully we can make this an annual event in Calgary,” Guerra said.

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