Millarville Christmas Market

The secret is out on the Millarville Christmas Market.

The Christmas market took Nov.9-11, and was an overwhelming success, as hundreds of people thronged the event at the village, southwest of Calgary.

Despite the chilly temperatures, the sunshine brought the crowds of visitors to the indoor and outdoor booths at the Millarville fairgrounds.

Donna Rae, with Rainbow Pies and Cake Pops, said, “We’ve been very busy. I thought the cold weather would keep everyone away but this is one of the busiest Sundays I’ve seen here.”

Displaying everything from food to footwear, vendors were touting homemade goods as well as commercial merchandise for sale.

Even as people walked through the gates, the smells and sounds were distracting to say the least.

Mini-donuts on the left, a fire pit to the right surrounded by wooden reindeer adorned with red ribbons greeted visitors.

Tim’s Gourmet Frozen Pizza, Summer Dayze Kettle Korn, The Spice Cabinet and McFarlane’s were just a few of the booths you could visit.

Forgot your mitts? No problem. One more booth down and handmade llama wool mittens, torques and scarves were for sale in an array of colours.

There were Christmas decorations in abundance, from swags to tree ornaments.

People were packed into stalls, lined up for food as well as the entrances to indoor centres.

Beset by customers, a vendor at Mcfarlane’s Jams, Jellies and Preserves said, “It’s been great, just hoping our shelves hold together for the last day. They are rickety and have been getting a lot of bumping.”

The central shopping area outdoors featured booths set in a circle, around the main food pavillion.

There were four indoor shopping areas as well, the south building, two heated pavillions and the north arena, totalling close to 175 booths and displays.

Although inside the buildings was overflowing with people, the outside was just as busy.

There was more room to move between booths and places to stop and sit and enjoy some hot chocolate.

The vendors at a booth selling baked goods and preserves said they had been surprised by the huge turnout.

The Millarville Christmas Market is always busy, just not usually this busy on the Sunday, said one.

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