Movember moustache month

The month of “Movember” is almost up and participants, or ‘Mo Bros’, are working hard to raise awareness, and cash, for this great cause.

Mo Bros worldwide are working hard to grow unique moustaches in order to help raise funds and awareness about the often neglected issues surrounding men’s health and prostate cancer.

Kida Nakamura has been a participant of Movember for the past three years.

Originally from Calgary, he has made it his mission to spread awareness in Las Vegas, where he now lives.

“My first year was in Calgary, then I relocated to Las Vegas and I wanted to continue participating so I did.”

Nakamura points out that in Calgary the movement is so popular that those who aren’t growing a moustache seem “weird.”

“I want that type of reaction here in Vegas, because right now growing a moustache for a month comes off as “weird” due to the lack of awareness.”

In 2011, more than 854,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, (the women who support Movember and mo bros), around the world got on board, raising $125.7 million.

The Movember movement originated in Melbourne Australia, and since then has gone global, inspiring more than 1.9 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to participate.

Movember aims to educate men about health risks and encourage them to maintain proactive attitudes concerning their health issues.

Participants contribute by collecting donations and spreading education and awareness resulting in early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment options.

If people would like to donate to Kida Nakamura’s team they can check out his Mo Bro page.

At the end of November local events, gala parties, and Mo parties will be taking place around the city to mark the end of Movember. These events are listed on their website.

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