LavaLamp Artwork in Bridgeland

Paul Lau has come a long way from pursuing his biology degree with plans of becoming a doctor, to displaying his unique art pieces around Calgary.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Halifax, Lau was always interested in music, which ultimately changed his mind about becoming a physician.

“Music altered my path, and I became a professional musician and married an artist graduate from the Ontario College of Art & Design,” said Lau in an interview.

Music is all there is to Lau, though.

He started to paint within the past few months and created a series of art pieces that have been inspired by his experience since coming to Calgary six years ago.

The art pieces are titled “The LavaLamp of PoPArT” and took a total of four months for Lau to complete. They are unusual in terms of colour and texture.

“I was inspired by my wife’s art and wanted to create [something] as well. So I used vibrant colours to express myself and the lacquer gloss finish was actually an afterthought,” said Lau.

The LavaLamp art pieces are currently being displayed at the Starbucks in Bridgeland, at 951 General Avenue N.E.

Lau is also one of  the 27 recipients of the Grassroots Inspired Grant, a publicly voted grant which helps enable projects that encourage diverse participation, and benefit and strengthen a sense of community through arts, culture and heritage initiatives.

Lau’s use of the grant will go towards art materials, renting of a Calgary community centre to host a free gallery night, promotional material and advertising, as well as having some local musical artists playing at the event which will be titled “PLauART – The LavaLamp of PoPArT.”

As for future plans for Lau, he wants to continue with his art and make the most  of his time with new ventures.

“[I will be] finishing off the scoring for my first movie by Jan. 15th and have a gallery showing of all my pieces, but mostly having fun during this creative process of art and music,” said Lau.

To view his artwork or contact him, visit his website.

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