Improv with a twist

Local improvisation group, Mixtape has created its first collection of shows for the  new year, dubbed the LP series which brings a new twist to the art of improv.

The focus of the LP series is to present an interpretation of a classic rock album appropriate if it was the soundtrack to a play.

“Its purpose is to bring the best improvisers to create great shows,” artistic producer Stephen Kent explained in an interview.

Mixtape is made up of improvisors from Calgary’s major improv communities such as Improv Guild, Loose Moose, Kinkonauts, Dirty Laundry and One Lions.

According to Kent, the improv group gets ideas from their audience, Twitter as well as their own inspiration, to create the unique story.

“We’re good at reacting to different stimuli,” Kent said. “Our goal is to do good show.”

Mixtape will run until March 30 and will feature a different album each month.

Their first show, before Christmas, featured Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited and their second Michael Jackson’s Bad.

The second show was completely sold out.

Mixtape hasn’t decided on the next album it will do, but Kent said he wanted it to be more modern and Canadian.

“We want it to be a good album,” said Kent.

Performances are at the Birds and Stone Theatre, at 207 16th Ave. N.W.

According to Kent, one of the group’s major goals is to break down some barriers in regards to improvisation that have built up in Calgary.

Last October, Mixtape won a Grass Roots grant of $1,200 from the Government of Canada.

According to the government, the grants are designed to encourage and support grassroots do-it-yourself arts.

According to the gigyyc website, improv is an art form that has lived in the shadow of other major theatre styles.

The grant shows Calgary that the improve scene is vibriant and thriving.

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