Budtobud brings friends together through music

A new app that mixes the elements of Facebook and iTunes will be available in Apple’s app store sometime in the new year.

Patrick Rousseau, the co-founder and creative visionary of the program budtobud, says he was inspired to create this service while on a flight.

He wanted to listen to music with his girlfriend.

The program allows users to listen to music along with their friends from anywhere in the world.

“Music is a very social thing, and it’s something that always brought people together before everything went digital,” said Rousseau, who wanted to restore that social aspect to the world of music.

Although the program is currently only available for Apple computers, budtobud will expand to PC operating systems as well as smartphones this year.

Rousseau says there are potential users for the new service in many different countries.

Rousseau attributes a lot of the program’s success to his partner in the project, Kurt Bauer, who got involved very early on.

“I had the seed, and now it’s a tree. There’s a lot to be done from seed to tree, and Bauer was instrumental in the progress,” said Rousseau, stating that this program was a “joint effort.”

Devon Patterson, a SAIT student and early user of budtobud, says she “absolutely loves” the idea.

“I use the program on my Mac at home, and I can’t wait until the app for my phone comes out. I think using budtobud with my boyfriend while I’m at work and he’s at home will be pretty cool,” Patterson said.

Rousseau says he would like people to look at budtobud as their primary social music tool.

Listening, sharing and getting recommendations are all parts of the program that he hopes to “make more comprehensive” as the project expands.

“We kind of bring everybody together and use the music service you prefer,” he said, since budtobud is compatible with different music players.

Getting music recommendations from friends is a preferred method since they are a “trusted source,” said Rousseau.

Since people trust their friends, that is the most common way for people to discover new music.

“Using budtotbud has definitely expanded my tastes in music,” said Patterson.

“You find all sorts of new music through your friends that you might not listen to without them.”

You can download budtobud on their website and it is completely free.

You can also look at updates on Facebook and find other people to discuss the project with.

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