Feature: Kyle Chirobokow (Morgan)

Kyle Morgan isn’t an easy guy to satisfy.

While keeping in step with his own brand of deep and weird music mixes, Morgan (Chirobokow) believes in trying to push beyond the repetitiveness of most electronic music.

It is this instilled belief that allows Morgan to uplift, inspire and rock the dance floor like few others.

His authentic vision is exceedingly broad, touching on many different styles to the point where he even finds himself a little weird.

“’I say embrace it,’” he said.

Chirobokow is a trained house DJ but likes to pull inspiration from ‘90’s hip-hop, and dubstep.

In 2007, he became a resident DJ at Amsterdam Rhino.

The crowd at the Rhino is  hip, rowdy and edgy.

Chirobokow started making mixes when he first started DJ’ing, about five years ago.

“I don’t really do them often because they aren’t essential for marketing any more.”

He finally started producing two years ago. He feels there was a learning curve of about a year and a half before he really understood what he was doing.

He enjoys long mixes when they come to his ears but if other DJs give him mixes he would leave them as short as possible due to his busy schedule and not having much time.

He does not really do his own mixes so it was hard for him to comment on.

“Right now I’m just starting to get insanely busy.”

Besides his weekly residency at The Rhino, he also is working on a remix for a label in Florida, as well as teaching DJ-ing under Beat Drop at SAIT.

“There are a couple other exciting things that I’m not allowed to say just yet.”

Chirobokow considers himself a natural entertainer. He is comfortable playing live and connecting with people but he also loves to be in his studio, working on ideas.

“I kind of learned through trial and error. Producing on headphones is very limiting.”

His most memorable show was last year at MRU, he had expected to play for 100 people but it turned out 800 attended.

Chirobokow’s dream collaborator would be Pharrel Williams.

“I have worked hard from the beginning to stay as authentic as possible.”

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