Givyup for Christmas Spirit

A new website, Givyup, allows the user to donate birthday, Christmas or any other gifts to a charitable cause in the community.

Givyup is an organization dedicated to giving exposure, funds and an outlet to small and medium sized charities and non-profits.

The Givyup website is currently only available in Calgary and Cochrane.

Donating an event on Givyup is easy.

The website first prompts you to pick a charity from a list of organizations associated with Givyup that you’d like to donate your event gifts to.

After you enter your information and a picture, you’re  given a profile.

You can share your profile through social media, and use it to inform friends and family that you’d prefer donations to your selected charity rather than presents for your special event.

Two charities, Calgary Reads and the Cochrane Boys & Girls Club, are currently listed on Givyup to dedicate your event or occasion to.

Calgarians are excited about the innovative charity.

“It sounds amazing. I can’t believe that it took this long for a social media or a website to take over and make giving a fun and connected thing to do,” said University of Calgary student Tyler Kilty, 19.

“I definitely will be donating my birthday to them in January,” Kilty added.

For more information, visit Givyup to find out how you can donate your next life event for the good of others.

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