MyParking app for the Calgary Parking Authority

Parking your car just got a little bit easier, thanks to a newly-released iPhone app designed for the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA).

CPA head Troy McLeod says Calgarians will enjoy the real-time parking stall availability data that the MyParking app will display from CPA parkades around the city.

“This app will display up-to-the-minute parking stall availability from all of our parkades,” said McLeod.

“We have also created a sophisticated computer model for predicting on-street parking stall availability and that information was incorporated into the app to give Calgarians a better guide.”

The app was  released on Dec. 19 and is available free for download for iPhones only.

McLeod said that they are working on an Android version of the app and its release should come later this year.

A CPA ParkPlus account, valued at a minimum $25, is needed to take full advantage of the app’s features.

In an interview in mid-January, McLeod said the app project was a joint venture between the CPA and The City of Calgary’s Customer Service & Communications department, and was designed by two  companies, Randomtype and Purple Forge.

Randomtype worked with the CPA and Purple Forge worked with the City of Calgary on their end and both worked together to bring this project to its final result.

“Randomtype did an excellent job in getting that stall information fed from our parkades to the MyParking app.”

The app will replace the previous parking availability system in which a live RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed was provided through the CPA’s website.

“The year before we offered an RSS feed, it was decided that a fully functional app was needed to improve our system,” said McLeod.

Additional features include Find My Vehicle and Start and Stop a Parking Session, to keep track of minutes used while your vehicle is parked.

Randomtype’s involvement in this project should give Calgarians an extra bit of local pride as they are a Calgary-based company.

Website founder for Connor Turner said, “This app is a great first step in my opinion.”

“The MyParking app is fantastic and I think it’s awesome whenever municipal governing bodies make an effort to reach out to regular citizens to provide better services,” he said.

Founded in 2010, was created, “to parade the very strong app community in Calgary.” is an offshoot of Turner’s original web-design studio company which he also founded, called Armadillo Studios Inc., another Calgary-based company created in 2007.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what Calgary’s app community produces in the future because this city has a seemingly endless amount of innovation and design capability,” he said.

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