Opening of Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

Sidewalk Citizen Bakery has officially opened the doors of its first ever retail shop.

The new shop is located next to the Sunnyside Natural Market in Kensington, a spot that owner and baker Aviv Fried is happy to have scored.

“The opportunity to combine forces with Sunnyside Natural Market was everything we hoped for,” Fried said.

“We share the same philosophy about food, life and the environment and have been good friends. We both share deep respect and admiration to each other’s business.”

Fried was not the only who’s excited about the new location, since customers seemed pleased to have Sidewalk Citizen Bakery finally become its own retail shop.

“People seem to be genuinely happy to see us in Kensington,” Fried said of the store’s clientele.

The bakery is well known in the community from its days as a vendor participation at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association’s summer farmers market.

Fried credits the market for much of the bakery’s customer-based development.

“We love Kensington, and the summer market at Hillhurst Sunnyside has been instrumental to our growth,” he said.

“We have many loyal customers and friends that come there.”

Before the opening of the new location, Sidewalk Citizen Bakery was an industrial area kitchen selling its baked goods to places like Analog Coffee on 17 Avenue S.W.

Boasting both a bakery and a deli at its retail location, Sidewalk Citizen will be open to the public seven days a week. Customers will be able to purchase not only baked goods, but coffee and organic salads as well.

“Right now I mostly feel tired and excited at the same time. Our deli just opened. We hope it will be successful,” said Fried.

“We are always trying to make the best bread, pastry and food. This is our main concentration.”

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