Calgary’s hottest trend, hot yoga

Calgary has a hot new trend and it is taking the city by storm.

Hot yoga studios can be found all over the city and are in high demand.

The practice has become a very popular trend for all demographics for two reasons, the amount of calories you can burn in one session, and the reasonable pricing available.

“We have a wide range of clients that come and use our studio,” said Megan Gowsell, a full time staff member at a location in Crowfoot.

“Even if this is your first time, or you’re not as flexible as the other people in the class are we can accommodate you.

Our classes are made for people who want to be shown step by step by the instructor, or you can move to the back of the class and do your own thing, which ever you prefer,” said Gowsell.

Hot yoga helps you focus on improving your muscle tone, weight loss, flexibility, strength, and can help you with muscle and joint pain.

These studios are not like your typical gym, for the temperature is brought up to 42 degrees Celsius, and can last from 65 minutes to 90 minutes.

During a 75 minute session the average person can burn 700 to 800 calories, which is more then most burn on a treadmill jogging.

Within the studio there are five different kinds of classes you can sign up for.

Traditional is a class where you learn 26 precise postures and this work out is considered a full body workout.

Baptiste Vinyasa is a workout for all levels of customers and is more of a meditation class, the main purpose of this class is to tone your body.

Union can be looked at as a mixture of traditional and baptiste vinyasa where the goal of class is to loosen, strengthen and tone your muscles.

Power Vinyasa is the fourth kind of class available at the studio and this is available for people who want to increase core strength.

Finally you can enroll into a Ying Yang class, which is used to target your energy lines of the body.

Financial rates can be compared to any membership that you pay at a gym, single, weekly, monthly and annual packages are available for purchase.

Aside from the change in lifestyle that these studios offer you, they also offer top-notch service.

For the second year in a row this particular franchise has been given the award for the best yoga studio in Calgary.

To help keep those new years resolutions intact, this can be an alternative way to shed those extra holiday pounds and get ready for beach season.

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