Karma makes a difference for team’s moral

SAIT teams have an excellent history of volunteer work, whether the task is improving the community or strengthening the players’ relationships with one another.

Men and women’s hockey teams at SAIT volunteer all year long.

The idea is not only to give back to the community but also boost team morale and ideally improve performance.

“It has kind of been something we always have done,” says Bret Seaton, a returning forward on the Trojans women’s team.

The 24 year old is part of the Trojan Ambassador Council, a group which meets monthly to discuss and select types of volunteer events the athletes can take part in.

The men’s and women’s team participated in an event over the Christmas holidays called “skate with Santa.”

The idea was to help people in the community get to know the SAIT hockey players and create a closer bond within the team.

“I took a young child for a lap (with a teammate) and it was a pretty feel-good experience to be able to have younger kids look up to us,” said Seaton.

Not only does the team’s spirit get a boost from giving back to the community, the players also feel it helps them come together as a team on the ice.

“It definitely brings us closer,” said 22 year old captain Justine Cantley.

Cantley explained this year was a little different as the team sells 50/50 tickets at Calgary Flames games, but the team has kept busy volunteering elsewhere and with practices and games, they do all they can.

Garrett Watson plays for the Trojan men’s team. He thinks it’s great to be able to be involved in TOP (Trojan Outreach Programs) and clinics throughout the year.

“It shows the guys how lucky and privileged we are,” said Watson.

He feels great to have the opportunity to be connected to the community.

Watson also hopes it encourages kids to come out to our home games, and cheer on the teams.

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