HSCA discusses proposed triangle site

The neglected pathways and parks along the Sunnyside LRT tracks have been a growing concern for local residents.

Recently, the group Bow to Bluff (B2B) was formed to address these issues.

The city has since granted the B2B community restorative project $150,000 to launch an experiment to improve the public space with a citizen-generated design concept.

The Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association (HSCA) met recently with the B2B Initiative and Springboard Partnership to hold a public open house at the HSCA Community Centre.

The meeting focused on the future improvements of the Triangle Site, located on 2 Ave. & 9 St. N.W.

“I believe this is a perfect opportunity to share our thoughts on the community,” local resident Nanette Buckler said.

“It’s good to see so many people come together to discuss a common issue.”

Since its inception, B2B has generated city-wide interest, including involvement from the HSCA, CivicCamp, Ward 7 Ald. Druh Farrell, the Office of the Mayor, city administration and the University of Calgary.

“It’s good to see other people engaging in a collaborative process to re-imagine the entire space,” said local resident Carol Haynes.

“We also want to include not only local residents, but pedestrians, city administration and local developers as well.”

The Bow to Bluff has also attracted more than 2,000 ideas from over 2,500 people and another 800 ideas from school children.

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