SAIT Trojans men’s basketball team wins nail-biting game

The scene during the fourth-quarter was tense as the SAIT Trojans and the Medicine Hat Rattlers stood within points of each other, and the Trojans maintaining only a two point lead at the closest point in the quarter.

SAIT’s Campus Centre gym felt the tension of the men’s basketball game on Feb. 2.

The fourth-quarter ended with an 11 point lead for the Trojans, at 83-72 which effectively ended their four-game losing streak.

The well-won victory inspired some optimism that the Trojans will still make it to the playoffs in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC).

Head coach of the Trojans, Mike Stevens, maintained an outward calmness for the most part while the Rattlers head coach, Craig Price, paced back and forth in front of his teams bench for a majority of the fourth-quarter.

Trojans guard, Justin Makasiar was named player of the game for having scored 40 out of the team’s total of 83 points.

This is something that has not been accomplished by a Trojans male basketball player in nearly a decade.

With less than a minute left in the first-quarter, the large red digits of the scoreboard read 18-13 for the Trojans.

Into the middle of the second-quarter it appeared as though the Rattlers would catch up to the Trojans, however, just as quickly as they seemed to be catching up the Trojans pulled away by scoring triple three-pointers within two minutes of each other, raising the score to 34-27.

With mere seconds before the buzzer signaled the end of the second-quarter, Trojans guard, Josh Moule sunk a two-pointer, closing the quarter with the Trojans leading 43-29.

Part way through the third-quarter, Rattlers head coach Price called the first of many time-outs.

The Trojans were briefly surpassed by the Rattlers near the end of the third-quarter (51-52), but the tides turned within a matter of seconds when the Trojans tied and pushed past the Rattlers by the end of the quarter with a score of 54-52.

The score once again seemed close half-way through the fourth-quarter at 68-65 with the Trojans leading, but just as before the Trojans quickly changed the results, eventually bringing the score to 81-69 near the very end of the game.

Within the last 30 seconds of the final quarter, Price called three time-outs to discuss last-ditch strategies with his players.

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