Hillhurst Sunnyside’s Holiday Gift Market didn’t disappoint

This year’s 3rd Annual Holiday Gift Market brought Calgarians in from the cold for a community enriched Christmas shopping experience that didn’t disappoint.

On Friday Nov. 30, more than 40 market vendors displayed their products at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Center’s Holiday Gift Market.

Many crowd pleasing stands displayed various types of original artwork that were looked after by the artists themselves.

“It was pretty interesting,” said first time attendee Zac Marryatt.

“I thought a lot of the people there were pretty creative with the stuff that they had made to sell.”

One vendor, Needle Nerd, showed off a unique product in celebration of Mo’vember that was a big hit with customers.

“One lady had these moustache soothers. They were pretty interesting and creative,” said Marryatt.

Self-published author Valerie Walker had her seven children’s books for sale including her latest ‘The Quest for Kananaskis.’

Her stand also had for sale a special gift package she created, a book and a character toy which were held together by red ribbon.

Environmental educator and Author Michelle Macdonald had a stand at the market as well selling her children’s book ‘The Trees Grin Beside Me.’

Macdonald shared with customers her inspiration for the book, which was to encourage her young niece to spend more time outdoors.

The night brought out attendees’ seasonal spirits by having the holiday gifts for sale, Christmas music filling the rooms and hot cocoa available for everyone.

“Everybody seemed to be pretty friendly and really explanatory about their products and how they made things and put them together. A very warming and excited group of people,” said Marryatt.

“I’d recommend people going there. It’s a good place, lots of friendly people, and the cake is great!”

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