Laughing into shape with Hipster Workout

Hipsters are getting whipped into shape with Hipster Workout, a website that playfully mocks those with an affinity for plaid, skinny jeans, and all things ironic.

Squeezing into skinny jeans and doing lunges while carrying a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer on each shoulder are some of the hipster-approved workouts included on the website. The site also features recipes, profiles of locals, and details cultural happenings around the city.

“It’s a Calgary scene website,” said the site’s creator, Victoria Cosens.

“It’s about food, culture, events, music, and things that are happening in Calgary that you might not already know about,” she says.

Fun Fitness: Victoria Cosens shows off her new website, Hipster Workout. (Photo by Alicia Gerrior/The Press)
Fun Fitness: Victoria Cosens shows off her new website, Hipster Workout. (Photo by Alicia Gerrior/The Press)

Cosens and Amanda D’silva, the co-creator of Hipster Workout, came up with the idea for the site after stumbling upon an old photo Cosens had taken of a man sitting on a stationary bike eating broccoli.

“We just cracked up laughing that I had this in my gallery, and we started joking about hipster workouts,” said Cosens, who graduated from SAIT’s new media production and design program in 2007.

The term hipster has been known to have multiple meanings. The Urban Dictionary defines it as a subculture of men and women who value independent thinking and counter-culture. Other definitions on the site for the term were less than kind – the words pretentious and snobbery were used generously.

Cosens had a different take on the expression.

“A hipster is someone who is severely passionate,” she explained.

“It’s someone who’s just so deep into something that they think they know everything , and if they can like it before someone else does, even better,” Cosens said. Cosens has been called a hipster more times than she can count. While she used to get offended, it doesn’t bother her these days.

“When I think about my definition of it, it isn’t so bad,” she said.

“Hipster Workout is so stereotypical that I think it’s going to bring the word back down to earth a bit,” she said.

Cosens reported that the response to the newly launched site has been “unreal.” Hipster Workout was featured in Metro News, and a local fitness company has shown interest in making a hipster-friendly workout for the site.

“I never expected it to go beyond my friends,” she said.

If you have a band, an event, or a hipster workout you would like to see on the site, contact Cosens at or visit

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