Trojans’ Donovan Martin reaches new milestones

The 2012-2013 Trojans women’s basketball season was a great one for head coach Donovan Martin, as he was awarded ACAC Coach of the Year (south division) for the fourth time.

“It feels great to win Coach of the Year again,” Martin said in an interview after being honoured.

“I think it is a reflection of the successful year that we had and credit should also be given to my coaching staff, Bir Parmar and Meachel Carnahan, who play a huge role in what we do.”

Earlier in the season, on Nov. 24 against the Red Deer Queens, Martin also reached his 400th career win out of a total of 514 career games, with a .794 winning percentage.

“I was surprised to find out about the 400 wins, I had no idea, as I don’t pay attention to stats like that,” said Martin.

“However, it is a very nice milestone and the good part is that the 400th win came at about the same time as my 500th game.”

Martin’s assistant coaches also look up to him and he is a person they are proud to work with.

“Donovan is, in my opinion, the smartest coach I have ever played for and coached with,” said Carnahan.

“He knows the game inside out and knows his players even better than they know themselves.”

Another highlight of the season was the 15-5 record for the Trojans, which is something that took Carnahan by surprise.

“We had a very young inexperienced team to start the year out with, but the girls never stopped trying,” said Carnahan.

It feels great to win Coach of the Year again. – Donovan Martin

“That’s what makes a team: Hard work, determination, and spirit.”

Despite reaching his 400th career win, Martin has no plans of retirement anytime soon.

“I will continue coaching as long at it is enjoyable,” said Martin.

“So far, it is still a lot of fun when I can have players like we have had in the past couple of years.”

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