Sun, Sandals and Symphony concert entertains Inglewood

ACalgary club partnered with a symphonic orchestra to provide a free concert on Sunday, September 8th to accept contributions for flood victims.

The Rotary Club of Calgary Olympic collaborated with Calgary Civic Symphony to hold ‘Sun, Sandals and Symphony’, a free outdoor concert at Jack Long Park in Inglewood. All contributions went to the victims of the flood that occurred back in June of this year.

“It came about because of a couple of factors,” according to James Feurderer, the current president of the Olympic district’s Rotary Club of Calgary, who talked about how the event came to be, “One is, the Calgary Civic Symphony, as you can see, part of their initial presentation, is they practice out on this park, on this facility, and so to them, they always wanted to give back to this part of the community in Calgary.”

The Sunday afternoon concert had a decent-sized gathering.

Some of the music played included movie themes from the James Bond and Indiana Jones series.

Most of the performers wore casual clothing, as opposed to the typical formal clothing seen at other musical symphonic performances.

“There are a number of their musicians who are Rotarians as well,” said Feurderer, “So they heard that one of our initiatives was to help the seniors in the East Village.

“Our club had put together a number of hampers and we’re still helping put together these hampers… we thought this was a great collaboration because they are in the community, they want to support the community initiative, and we were doing something with the East Village, which was right within Inglewood, and so it worked out perfectly for both clubs.”

According to their website, the Calgary Civic Symphony is Calgary’s only community orchestra, and is part of the non-profit organization Orchestra Society of Calgary.

The orchestra currently has around ninety musicians since its creation in 1975.

The Rotary Club of Calgary, Olympic, was chartered back in 1988, and serves the area around Inglewood.

Club activities include local and international community projects, and providing scholarships to students in Calgary.

Bertsch, the current Musical Director and Conductor of the Calgary Civic Symphony.
Sun, Sandals and Symphony: Rolf Bertsch conducts the Calgary Civic Symphony. (Photo by Leo Aragon/The Press)
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