Students get back in the swing of things with Fitness Week

Fitness Week at SAIT was a good back to school introduction for SAIT students new and old.

The week of Sept. 9 to 13 offered fun fitness programs to students for free.

Every year free fitness classes are offered at the beginning of the fall semester, usually taking place during the third or fourth week of September.

Morning classes, lunch classes, and evening classes were available to accommodate busy schedules.

This year, SAIT Recreation included a variety of new programs such as Kendo, a Japanese martial art, and a womens-only fit boxing.

Tai Chi and Aikido, two forms of martial arts, were also new additions this year.

Fitness exercises from around the world bring a new exotic experience, making exercising unique and different.

Zumba, a rhythmic dance aerobics, is not only good for one’s health, but it is tons of fun as well.

SAIT recreation manager Budd Brazier hoped there would be a class for everyone with the variety of classes offered.

He also hoped fit boxing could be used to help women defend themselves and feel “empowered through their own punches.

“We’ve received wonderful feedback from students who came to the classes,” says Brazier.

“They were all well received and employees definitely look forward to Fitness Week.”

“Fitness Week is to create awareness and promote a healthy lifestyle to the SAIT community.” – Budd Brazier

Brazier says it also “helps students and staff know about the campus wellness centre.”

SAIT’s sponsors, Chartwells and Pepsi donated free food and water for participants, and students entered a raffle for a free prize to the campus bookstore.

For a list of upcoming recreation events, go to SAIT’s recreation website.

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