New arrival, new expectations

The SAIT Trojans women’s team is looking forward to wear once again running shoes and head to the races around province to fight for the gold medals in this 2013-2014 Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) cross-country running season.

“I have great expectations for this season with our women’s team,” said Jamie Grant, 34, head coach of the men’s and women’s cross-country teams.

“We have lots of new girls with a really good running experience.

“I think the girls are going to be one of the top teams this year in ACAC.

“Probably they even might be one of the top teams in the country,” said Grant

After tryout week, Grant was satisfied with what he saw. Each girl in the team gave 100 per cent of their energy during every practice day.

“There are quite a few of people that really surprised me during the tryout week,” said Grant.¬†“I really love how much effort they put into each practice.”

“I did cross-country running in High School, and I haven’t done this since I graduated from High School,” said Meg Jorgensen,

“I feel a little soar after the first week of practice, but I’m getting every day better.

“I will race this weekend in Red Deer, so I want to see how things will go.

“From this point I will try to improve my time,” said Jorgensen.

The Trojans women’s cross-country team has the only one returning female athlete from their bronze season 2012-2013, Alicia Baharally, 2nd year professional cooking program.

“It’s too bad that I’m only one returning female student, but I’m very excited to meet the new girls,” said Baharally.

“My personal goal for this season is to beat my personal best record.

“As a team goal, I will try do all my best to help us to win the gold medal in the coming ACAC championships,” said Baharally.

“I really like my team because everyone is really funny, friendly and always ready to help with an advice if I need it,” said Jorgensen.

The next year will be a special year for SAIT and especially Trojans cross-country team, because SAIT will be hosting its own CCAA (Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association) national championships.

I really love how much effort they put into each practice. – Jamie Grant

“I am very excited about the CCAA national championships in SAIT,” said Grant.

“We have five-seven first year female athletes who can run like Lisa Giles.

“Last year Lisa was fifth in the ACAC and ninth in the CCAA.

“I think this is the best group of girls I’ve ever had in my five years coaching career.

“With the squad that we have now, the Trojans team has great chances to win home national championships,” said Grant.

The CCAA is a national sport organization that enriches the lives of student-athletes through intercollegiate competition.

Lisa Giles graduated from environmental technology program in 2013, was named the Trojans’ athlete of the year.

Jamie Grant is coaching cross country running¬† team since 2007.¬† In season 2012-2013 was named the ACAC’s coach of the year.

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