Trojans men’s soccer reaches for nationals

For the Trojans men’s soccer team, led ferociously by head coach Grant Stevens, the goal of becoming Canadian National Champions seems like a reachable goal for the upcoming season.

With the rookies of the team heavily outweighing the number of team veterans, it’s the perfect time to let the new guys shine.

 “The rookies will bring something a little different and we’ll have to find a way to come together as a team,” says first year  rookie goalkeeper Josh Gabriel.

 “It starts with the few players who are returning and  have a little bit of experience in this league,” he continues.

 The new kids in the  town will have their work cut out  as they step out onto the pitch to play tough division rivals gunning for the rookies.

 When asked about the individual skills he was bringing to the team, Gabriel said that he would bring a competitive edge and a willingness to try hard every single time he was on the field.

 “As a team, make nationals,” Gabriel spoke about the lofty goal set for the men’s team this season.

 With over 23 years of coaching experience of head coach Grant Stevens, the team should have no problem taking orders and learning lots from the man they call, “Coach”.

 “I’m really impressed with the coaching staff,” Gabriel says.

 With his nine years of experience in coaching the Trojans Men, soccer phenomenon  Stevens surprised no one with back-to-back ACAC (Alberta College Athletic Conference) Men’s Soccer Coach of the Year in the south division in 2008 and 2009.

 “Stevens  brings a lot to the table and is very knowledgeable ,” Gabriel says about his coach.

  Stevens seems to have no worries when he looks at the upcoming season with a team of mostly all rookies.

 “Well, I’ve recruited most of the rookies, so I know what they’re capable of,” Stevens says about the newcomers.

 “With that intent, they’ll fit in well with the scheme of play that I have.”

 “Quite a few of the players know the way I coach, so that has made it easier for them than the guys who don’t know the way I coach,” he continues.

The team will face adversity during the upcoming season  but they have started off their season right on Saturday, September 7, with a big 6-0 win against the Olds College Broncos.

Long term goals; win nationals. – Grant Stevens

 When asked about the improvements in the team after their win, Stevens said that he didn’t want the team to get complacent.

 “I don’t want them to think that they now are ‘the team’ because they beat Olds 6-0.  They have to still work hard and the competition will get much better.”

 Stevens expects nothing more than the team’s best efforts going forward into the season.

 “I expect to gel as a team, to play as a team, and then to win as a team,” Stevens says.

 “There are no individuals in this squad.”

 The team will bring a lot of technical skills and tactical awareness to the south division of the ACAC and will use those skills to set them apart and ahead of  others.

 Stevens has nothing but respect for his squad and hopes that his experience will help guide the team to their goal of the Canadian National Champions of 2013.

 “Long term goals; win nationals,” Stevens reiterates.

 Sounds like the Men of Troy have set their goal  and are on their way to achieving it this season.

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