CPRS provides tools for communications success

Breaking into the business world after student life is becoming harder than ever to accomplish.

The Canadian Public Relations Society, CPRS, is trying to help take some of the pressure off of students by giving them tools they need to become successful in the world of communications.

Leanne Laverick, the CPRS Calgary Education Chair, is actively creating great opportunities for post-secondary students to start building a strong network of contacts, and a well-rounded resume before graduation.

“There are endless ways for students to get involved with CPRS Calgary, including volunteer opportunities, which can be a great way to connect with practitioners in the industry and gain real-life experience to help secure that first job,” said Laverick.

CPRS offers student discounted memberships of $20 and a subsequent Affiliate membership upon graduation, which is half off of the annual full membership fee.

As a member of CPRS there are numerous events, networking opportunities, and volunteer positions available to students that will aid them in their future careers.

The first of three events of the school year, ‘Speed Dating for PR Practitioners’, is being held at the beginning of October at Mount Royal University.

Speed Dating is an annual event where students have the opportunity to sit down with various working professionals and ask them questions or discuss any desired topic for a short period of time.

This event gives students the chance to start building a potential network of practitioners they may end up working with in the field as well as obtain knowledge about the career path they may be pursuing.

‘Why Should I Hire You’ and ‘Real World Communications’ are the last two CPRS student events, both are held in the new year.

Student events are not the only resources available for students to utilize through CPRS.

“CPRS Calgary specifically offers volunteer opportunities that students can use to gain experience and put on their resumes,” Laverick notes.

CPRS wants to encourage students to get involved when they acquire a membership, Laverick adds.

Student representatives at affiliated post-secondary schools are available for students looking to learn more about getting involved with the CPRS community.

There are endless ways for students to get involved with CPRS Calgary including volunteer opportunities. – Leanne Laverick

CPRS also offers their student members awards and scholarships through the CPRS Calgary website.

The Susan Francis Prize is the first of four awards and scholarships to be awarded, and it gives students the opportunity to talk about a project they currently have or have previously done, that has helped make the world a better place in some way.

The application deadline for applying for the Susan Francis Prize is October 15, 2013.

Getting your name known in the industry, coupled with building a strong resume and strong network of contacts, is a key jumping point to a successful career in the communications industry.

CPRS is trying to bring students the necessary tools and opportunities to aid in making the transition from student to practitioner that much easier.

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