Getting a little ‘Risky’ with Cale Zebedee

Risky Endeavor is a 3 piece group consisting of Cale Zebedee (Bass), Paul Gervais (Drums) and Ryan Landon (Guitar) who are looking to storm the world with their melody driven, good-time-vibe rock and roll.

Cale Zebedee plays bass and shares vocals with Landon.

“I’ve always been playing bass since I started [music],” says Zebedee.

They originated in Calgary, contributing to the small but strong and proud music community.

“Music’s a risky endeavor,” says Zebedee.

“You put a lot into it and hope for something to come out of it,” he adds.

Zebedee has been in many bands but wishes to have no other affiliation than his current project. Risky Endeavor is looking to make a bigger impact on the music scene.

“We are going to take it as far as it takes us,” he says.

“Until it doesn’t fit us anymore, we don’t care. We would still jam because we are all about having fun but being serious,” he adds.

Zebedee is not a stranger to the road either. He has already been on tour across Canada

“I love the road. There is honestly nothing better than waking up in a new place every few days.” said Zebedee.

“The only constant is change,” he says.

“It’s a whole different lifestyle, but there’s just such a romance you form with it.”

 “I honestly would love to do some Risky touring but we have a few other things to worry about before we do that,” he says. This includes getting well known in their hometown first and foremost.

Risky Endeavor is influenced by some of the greats and some not as well known.

Jesse Lacey (lead singer of Brand New) and Dave Grohl (of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters) are among some of their most favorite acts today.

“They just do it for me,” says Zebedee.

“Ryan is really influenced by Modest Mouse (an indie rock group based out of Washington), and Matthew Good (based out of Vancouver), he shares.

“We all love Matthew Good,” he says.

There are bright futures for these talented young men.

“Risky is going to record for a few months and work on a 2014 release of an EP,” he adds.

“We really wanted to release something this year but we want to give people the best that we have, so we have been holding off and perfecting songs,” he mentions.

You can catch Zebedee, Landon and Gervais at their most favorite venue Vern’s Tavern on 8th Avenue S.W. most of the time and at Dickens Pub on 9th Avenue S.W. coming up.

“Our show’s on the 30th (October). It’s with a bunch of really great touring bands and I feel honoured to be on the bill,” he says.

The other acts include Trace The Sky (members of Dead Eyes Open and The Perfect Trend) from Vancouver, Sharks on Fire from Vancouver, and Old Townes from Edmonton.

“It’s at Dickens Pub. It’s the day before Halloween so we are probably going to dress up,” says Zebedee.

If you’d like to get dressed up, get risky and get rowdy, be sure to grab your tickets before they run out.

For more information, check out Risky Endeavor’s Facebook page.

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