Renovations coming to SAIT C-Train station

Chinook LRT station recently reopened after nearly a year of renovation, but it’s not the only station to be getting an upgrade. Between April to October of next year, the SAIT/ACAD/Jubilee station will also get a makeover.

The renovations are part of Calgary Transit’s Four-Car-Platform Extension Program. The scope of this program is to have all platforms ready for four-car trains by the end of 2014.  The completed capacity of each train will hold up to 800 persons, 200 more people than the current three car trains.

“This is a City Council priority to meet expected levels of increased ridership.” Calgary transit employee Chris Knobel explained. “The program started in 2010. Four car trains will reduce overcrowding on the trains and benefit all riders.”

To students, this means the LRT may get less jam-packed.

Knobel explained when asked how SAIT would compare to one of Calgary Transit’s most popular stops. “Phased construction allowed us to keep the closure to a minimum and reopen on schedule for the 2013/2014 school year.”

Phase 1 of the work was done without closing Chinook station. This included underground infrastructure, the new utility building and the new bus shelter.The station was closed during phase 2.

SAIT’s station renovations will run for an estimated 5 months. Unlike Chinook, the station will remain open during construction, avoiding potential inconveniences when catching connecting buses. Students will still be able to take the doors that lead to the existing station head building on the southeast, where the elevator is located.

The plan for the SAIT station is to add 25m of platform at the northwest end. To achieve this, the waiting area currently occupying this space will be demolished. The rest of the station will remain accessible during construction.

The upgrades to these platforms include improved wheelchair access, lighting, heated waiting rooms and a more ‘pedestrian friendly environment.’ According to a recent Herald article published on Sept.12th, the seating will change to a more traditional front/back-facing in the first and last cars.

Four car trains will reduce overcrowding on the trains and benefit all riders. – Chris Knobel

Currently, Calgary Transit is working on platform extensions at University, Lion’s Park, Victoria Park Stampede, Anderson, Rundle, Marlborough and Franklin stations.

Along with SAIT, the 39th Ave, Banff Trail, Barlow, Zoo and Bridge-land stations will be undergoing extensions in 2014.

Fortunately for transit users, all stations will remain open during construction.

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