The Burn: Calgary’s largest worship festival

On Sept. 7th from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., a group of worship bands gathered together to play worship music for six hours at Calgary’s Olympic Plaza for “Praise in the Plaza,” an event hosted by The Burn Calgary.

The Burn is a non-denominational organization where worship groups from different churches around the city come together to enjoy music and praise God.

The organization has indoor and outdoor worship services ranging from 1 to 27 hour services. Some services can be up to 100 hours or even 30 days of continuous worship.

The Burn originated with Sean Feacht from the International House of Prayer in the US, and has expanded all over the globe.

The event was created two and a half years ago, and there are currently about 200 cities worldwide doing Burns of various lengths.

The Burn Calgary has already had three major events this year, and three more events are planned for the rest of 2013. The events are free of charge and are located at different churches and outdoor venues throughout the city. The next event will be on Sept. 27th and 28th and will be a 27-hour worship service taking place at East Side City Church.

There will also be a free conference held on Nov. 7th to 9th at Full Gospel Tabernacle in northeast Calgary. The theme will be “prophetic prayer and worship.”

“Our purpose is to create unity among the churches and through worship create a place for God to come and rest,” said Joe Sinanan, director for The Burn Calgary.

The music played is not limited to bands but expands to individual musicians, artists and dancers.

Each act is a two hour performance and is dedicated to worshiping God.

“I like going because I get to see people from different churches that I know gather together for a free time of worship,” said John Camplin, a regular attendee at The Burn.

“The Burn is unique to me because I like to move around during worship, and with it being 27 hours, it feels more freeing to do so.”

Anyone is welcome to attend these events as race, sex or denomination are not factors.

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