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Savannah Sitter is a 19-year-old girl living in Crossfield who hopes to pursue her dream of making music. Although she has lived in a small town all her life she plans on moving to the states to pursue her career in music. Sitter plays shows for small venues throughout Calgary and area, almost anywhere where she can put herself out there and be heard.

The young bombshell writes music about past relationships, friends and anything important to her. Her album in the making mostly consists of country music however she is stepping out of her comfort zone and experiencing new sounds. She is currently in the process of recording her self-titled album of ten original songs and illustrations to give people a real picture of who she really is. She then hopes to pass her CD around to local record labels.

Savannah’s dad, Kelly, is a famous singer and guitar player, who is to this day in a band called “Jo Hikk.”The band comes out of Calgary, and has been nominated for the CMT upcoming artist award. They have music videos on CMT and have opened shows for Keith Urban and Brad Paisley. Music has always been a part of Savannahs life, from hearing her dad play to trying to improve her own skills, it all is a huge part of her life that she hopes to one day share with the world.

“When I was younger, my dad used to play his guitar for me and all I would do is copy everything he did.”

“My dad is my number one inspiration however, I look up to talented young women in the music business such as Taylor Swift and Beyonce for their performing and song writing ability,” says Sitter. For her, song writing is a way of venting, much like a diary or a journal.

“I look up to Taylor Swift for her song writing and her ability to release her emotions through her music, and that’s what I intend to do in my own music.” Although Sitter has struggled with nerves while playing music, she looks up to confident artists like Beyonce.

“Beyonce has such a powerful voice and she isn’t afraid to showcase it, watching people like that inspire me to share my talent on stage with other music lovers.”

Savannah is a confident young woman; however, she has gone through tremendous heartbreak in her life. When she was 7-years-old, her mother died from breast cancer. That was devastating for Savannah and her younger brother Chase. The cancer was caught late; meaning the mothers passing came quick and was unexpected. Being so young, Savannah hardly remembers her mom.

“Although I don’t have many memories of my mom, I know her spirit lives on through my brother and me,” Savannah explains.

She recently wrote a song about the struggles she has had growing up without the guidance of a mother. She plans to record the song and feature it on herself titled debut album. Losing her mom has taught her the value of life and how quickly it can be taken away.

“With the loss I have experienced, I have come to terms with why I am here, why I am living on this planet with this family, these friends, and this life.”

Sitter hasn’t only lost her mom, her best friend Melissa recently died in a car accident. The accident sent Savannah into a whirlwind of emotion, wondering how such good people can be taken out of the world too young. With all the loss she has experienced she has learned to cope not only through her music but through her close family and friends.

“We have been blessed with these people who have come and gone to create the people we are soon to be.” Although she has lost the closest people in her life, she is optimistic in the sense that she knows in her heart that she will see them again someday.

When Sitter isn’t playing shows or writing music she works part time at Music Center Canada in Airdrie, Alberta teaching children how to play guitar and sing.

“It’s rewarding teaching these kids such a big part of my life,” says Sitter.

My dad is my number one inspiration however, I look up to talented young women in the music business such as Taylor Swift and Beyonce for their performing and song writing ability. – Savannah Sitter

Although most of her energy is focused on her music, she enjoys spending much of her free time with family, friends and staying active. She is the eldest out of four kids, making her the role model to her younger siblings. Savannah has one full brother, 16-year-old Chase, and two younger step siblings, from her dad remarrying.

“Family is the most important thing to me, without those people in my life I wouldn’t be where I am today, they give me tremendous love and support in everything I do, and for that I am grateful.” said Sitter.

Growing up Sitter jumped at every opportunity she had to play sports, from rugby to badminton. It gave her a great escape from stress and taught her how to work with others. She takes advantage of the free time by shooting hoops, going for hikes or snowboarding. It’s safe to say this young woman is living life in the fast lane and enjoying every second of it, she looks forward to what the future how to offer.

“When I look back on high school the one thing I will always remember is the sports team I was involved with and the team members that became my close friends and still remain to be to this day.”

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