Harvest Dinner celebrates local food producers

SAIT’s cooking program brought in guest speaker Ian Lai last Thursday to talk to students about the industry before helping students prepare a dinner that evening.

Lai is a chef, educator and environmentalist who talked to a class of SAIT’s Professional Cooking students on Thursday, Sept. 19th.

After the discussion, students left to start preparing meals for the Harvest Dinner that evening in The Highwood Restaurant, located on the upper floor of SAIT’s John Ware building.

“I’ve brought some of my own dandelion wine, I’ve brought some of my own honey, and that will be put into the Harvest Dinner.” Lai said.

The Harvest Dinner was started a few years back by Professional Cooking instructor Andrew Hewson, who also came up with the idea of having a garden in the campus.

“Andrew and I have been going to Cuba two years in a row with mostly SAIT students, and I just wanted to come and enjoy the evening and contribute in however way I can.” explained Lai.

“Every year at SAIT, they have a Harvest Dinner as part of a fund-raiser.”

One of the main expectations for the Harvest Dinner was for visitors to “realize that there is such a bounty of local ingredients that’s being served…that there are producers and wine-makers and growers that are within a very small radius of the city, and that we need to support them—that’s the message, that we need to support local people—local producers, farmers, procurers,” he said.


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