Disney princess: Gone wild

For nearly a decade Miley Cyrus has been influencing young teens with her film and music career.

She was widely known for her role with Disney as Hannah Montana. Cyrus’s five year Disney contract ended in 2010, and she signed with RCA records. As of late the young star has started to show a new side of her.

During Cyrus’ 2013 MTV performance with Robin Thicke she was “twerking” and dancing provocatively to “We Can’t Stop” her new hit single in 2013.

Cyrus’s performance has had a negative effect on her image.

“I don’t believe Miley Cyrus’s performance is appropriate for any age, including hers.  She is defaming the character she once had, but then again is it Miley Cyrus or the drugs she is on that is defaming her character? Didn’t Elvis Presley start in a gospel choir? We all know what happened to him, what a waste,” says Patricia Dion.

With nine singles by 2009, Cyrus’s music career has been skyrocketing. Currently she has four studio albums, and five soundtrack albums.

Ever since her raunchy Video Music Awards performance she has been the number one celebrity for negative debate. Cyrus has been all over the tabloids, internet and people’s mouths.
She currently has two hit singles out for her new album “Bangerz” Which will be released on Oct. 4th, 2013. “We can’t stop” and “Wrecking Ball” have sure brought a lot of attention to the young star.

Didn’t Elvis Presley start in a gospel choir? We all know what happened to him  ,what a waste”- Patrica Dion

Cyrus has had a few drug references in her new hit single “We Can’t Stop”. Such as “Dancing with Molly” and “And everyone in line in the bathroom
Trying to get a line in the bathroom”. This lyric is talking about the use of cocaine. Molly is an illegal narcotic better known as MDMA, in previous interviews Cyrus has admitted that it was indeed a drug reference in her song and not the lyric “ Dancing with Miley” that she claims she had used so that her song would be allowed on the radio. These illicit substance references lead listeners to believe that Cyrus may be dabbling into the world of drugs, which may explain a lot of her behaviour.

Is Miley Cyrus trying too hard to show her new “adult side” or is she just trying to be creative?

“Though everyone has the right to speak their own mind it is only natural that people in positions of power hold the responsibility of understanding and gauging the influence they have on others. I have nothing against self-expression but I find her actions irresponsible given the significantly negative impact she is having on an already damaged and flawed generation… so yes, she has to tone it down quite drastically, or retire,” says Stephan O’ Brien.


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