It’s a world of neon for Crazed Creationz

Crazed Creationz is a home-based business in Smithfield, VA that is focused on creating clothing and accessories for the rave and cosplay scene, mainly through the use of beads.

Specializing in charmed necklaces, beaded masks, bracelets, beaded purses and posters, founder Nancy Willet takes pride in what she does.

Her best-selling item is beaded masks, the most popular being Mortal Kombat, Venom, and Teenage Ninja Turtles, among various animal faces.

Starting off in 2008, Willet posted photos of her beaded creations online through Facebook. Immediately after posting the photos of her work, she started getting orders from her friends and family.

She first started doing all the work alone by hand, but as orders become in higher demand, she brought a business partner, Whitney Hash, on board.

“In 2010, I packed up my creations and set up at the first annual Buckroe Beach Reggae festival,” says Willet.

“I fell in love. The satisfaction of seeing my work adored right in front of my eyes. I was immediately addicted to vending from that first show.”

On average, Crazed Creationz has a customer base of about 80 people per month, many of them being returning customers.

Ravers and cosplayers are often seen in unique, colorful costumes and accessories.

A raver is a person that takes part in the rave culture, such as dance and techno music, attending raves and dressing up in neon colors. Cosplayers buy or create their own costumes to represent a certain anime character of their choice, and usually attend cosplaying events where other cosplayers come together.

Willet has always been interested in alternative fashion. She finds herself in awe at all the costumes and the hard work, dedication and effort that is put into creating them.

According to Willet, creating beaded book bags or posters is one of the lengthiest projects to undertake.

“I recently made a large Grateful Dead bag that took about 40 hours of work,” says Willet, “but well worth every beading moment.”

She has created an office space within her home that is decorated with customer photos and memorabilia from previous shows to keep her motivated each day.

Her customers are what keeps her going, both in business and as a reward.

“My favorite part of my business journey is the customers. I’ve made so many wonderful friends though vending.”

Willet has also vended several local EDM shows, horror conventions, and arts-and-crafts shows, as well as the music festivals at Catawba River Campground in Marion, NC,

Nancy Willet is currently taking custom orders for 3D arm cuffs. All purchases are shipped within two days of payment with a complimentary free gift. You can visit her online shop at

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