Crash Karma hits the Gate Thursday, Oct. 10

Canadian alternative rock band Crash Karma began its cross-country Canadian tour on Sept. 24 and are preparing to bring their act to The Gateway on Thursday, Oct. 10.

The band has been on the road ever since their show in Owen Sound, Ont., on Sept. 29. One Bad Son is the opening act for Crash Karma.

“It was nice to be playing in southern Ontario, as we all live there.” said Edwin Ghazal (known simply as Edwin), lead singer of Crash Karma and former lead singer of Canadian rock band I Mother Earth.

“But once we’re done there, we hit the road, and we’re together, all the time.”

“That’s why we’re in this [music] business. To spend time together, have fun and play shows. When you’re home all the time, things can feel a little disjointed.”

The tour was a result of Karma’s most recent album, Rock Musique Deluxe.

“The band made a point of adding a lot more harmonies which weren’t on the first record. On this album, it came to life,” said Edwin. “Songs on this album are more singer friendly, with bigger choruses.”

Crash Karma consists of Edwin, Mike Turner (former lead guitarist of Our Lady Peace), Amir Epstein of Zygote and Jeff Burrows of The Tea Party. Turner produced their self-titled debut album on March 16, 2010.

Having four different musical influences has been a blessing, according to Edwin.

“We’ve all experienced musical successes and we’re comfortable in our own skin. We know what’s catchy and what isn’t.”

“Each one of us has a slightly different taste in music, so when we come together, you can hear the different style of each individual incorporated into the songwriting.”

The band made a point of adding a lot more harmonies which weren’t on the first record. On this album, it came to life. – Edwin

The first album had a straight-ahead rock sound to it, whereas Deluxe mixes listener-friendly lyrics and grooves into the mix.

“It’s a proper progression of a band that’s been together for years,” declared Edwin.

When Karma arrives in Calgary for their show, Edwin offers some details of what to expect.

“The fans can expect a strong set filled with some of our favourite tracks from both records. An acoustic set from our legacy bands during the middle of the show. When I walk on stage and see the fans and their faces, I can’t help but give everything I got.”

“We kick back into the rock once the acoustic set is done and we have an awesome encore. If that’s what the fans want, we’re more than happy to do that.”

The band has a contest through their website, where fans can enter their name online and be entered to win prizes.

“It’s a part of the social media plan for the promotion of the new record. It keeps the fans involved and excited.”

Prizes include an autographed Evans drum skin courtesy of D’Addario Canada, as well as a chance to follow the band for a day. The latter prize also comes with tickets to one of their shows and an opportunity to write a blog post that will be featured on the band’s website.

“We try to give them treats along the way. We’re nothing without our fans. This contest lets them have a say and what they want to hear.”

For more information on Crash Karma and a chance to enter the contest, visit their website.

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